About Us

Since 2004 we’ve been producing Unique Floating Candles designed to bring light to your life and calm to your mind.

We love candlelight, the wonderful glow and the sense of warmth and relaxation it generates.

Our lives are so busy these days; we firmly believe that taking time out for ourselves, switching off and breathing deeply, even for a few minutes a day, is so important. This is why the soft, magical, flickering light is so important to us.

We also love this little planet, and we wanted to reduce waste, so our candles are made to be used time and time again. The wick is fuelled by oil, once the oil has gone, the wick will expire, and you will be left simply with a bowl of water. Rinse the float to use again later and discard the remnants of the wick.

Are you ready to
Submerse Your Senses?