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Unique Floating Candles
Unique Floating Candles


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Unique Floating Candles
Unique Floating Candles
Unique Floating Candles
Unique Floating Candles
Unique Floating Candles

the candle

Candles have been used by people for millennia – the simple concept has remained with us even whilst we’ve modernised our way of life.

Candlelight’s gentle flicker, soothing warmth and subtle glow still attracts us and remains with us as a primal instinct, reminiscent of safety and comfort.

Our unique floating candles have reinvented the concept and will bring new light to your life. 

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AROMAGLOW's specially designed wicks last over 10-hours and the floats can be used many times over!

Easy to Use

All you'll need is a container to pour in some water & little vegetable oil, then simply place in the float and wick!

Vegan Friendly

All component parts are vegan friendly, and are made using natural plant products. We recommend using a plant based cooking oil

Inherently Safe

If accidentally dropped, the water will act to extinguish the flame. Plus the candles flame is simply not hot enough to ignite the oil

Manufactured in the UK

All our products are proudly manufactured and shipped from the UK!

Unique & Customisable

Needing to match an event's colour scheme? Unlike normal candles, AROMAGLOW can be customised to your desired look!

Mentally Nourishing

We pride ourselves on promoting mindfulness and mental health. Our candles will help to bring new light to your life!

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike the aluminium used in tea-lights, AROMAGLOW does not use material which requires significant energy to manufacture or recycle, and can be used again and again!


The candle floats are made from recycled plastic discs, designed to float on water indefinitely, and the wicks from cotton embedded wax

AROMAGLOW candles burn brilliantly for more than 10-hours. With the right conditions and enough oil to sustain the flame, these candles have been known to burn for much longer!

Other than burning for much longer than conventional tea-lights, AROMAGLOW candles are also:

      • Fully Customisable. You can add colouring and decoration to the water to create a personalised touch.
      • Unique. We can almost guarantee that no one would have seen floating candles like these before – a great conversation starter!
      • Highly sustainable.

        The candle floats can be reused again and again – it’s only the small wicks and a little vegetable oil which needs to be replenished, so compared with tea-lights and other wax candles, they’re great for the environment (& your wallet!)

      • …and much more!

Even though cooking oil is being used, this actually produces less aroma than a conventional wax candle. Plus, you can add your own essential oils if you would like to enhance the fragrance of your space!

Absolutely! Because the candles sit upon a pool of water, if one were to be knocked over, it will extinguish the flame.

Also, there’s no risk of the vegetable oil igniting because the residual heat from the candle maintains the oil at just above room temperature.


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Unique Floating Candles

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