Long Burning Wicks
Quantity: 100

100 Long Burning Candle Wicks for Aromaglow floating water candles

Turn any glass into a beautiful candle using ordinary vegetable oil as a fuel source.

No black smoke, odours or dripping wax.

Light up your home, event or wedding with these amazing floating candles.

For use with Aromaglow Floats which are available separately.

Fill any glass container with water, add some food colouring to colour the water if you wish. Pour some vegetable oil into the water so there is 1cm floating on the surface of the water (this will fuel the special long burning wicks for 10 hours each. Push the wick into the centre of the float and place them on the oil. Light the wicks and you will have beautiful candlelight for hours without the mess of dripping wax and black smoke!


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